About Us

We build trust through service and experience

Our Team is based in London, and our company may be new, but we have been here since the start of the revolution with Crypto Mining. Get your ASIC/GPU miner today, and join us and the rest of the crypto community.

We are based in central London, with a team of 5 people. The last year we have been selling antminers B2B in the UK, but we decided we should go broader with B2C customers as well. Everybody should have the opportunity to join and earn Cryptocurrencies with mining. 

If you do not have the possibility to mine at home, we also offer a hosting service of your miners and extremely good prices. 


We make effective plans and promise you will earn on your miner.


We create effective action plans and design optimal business strategies


Service is our Nr.1 priority, and we always help and solve problems fast.

Our staff comes from many different disciplines

We sell, we code and we optimise. We do all for YOU.
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We care about our partners.